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Quarter Cow Bundle For Sale Grass-Fed 100% American Angus

Quarter Cow Bundle For Sale Grass-Fed 100% American Angus

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Experience the ultimate in freshness, flavor, and sustainability with our Quarter Cow package. Handpicked from 100% American Angus, raised and processed on the same farm, this selection of diverse cuts brings the farm-to-table experience right to your doorstep, while also supporting a lower carbon footprint.

Quarter Beef Quality You Can Trust

grass fed quarter cow Grass Fed Grain Finished
quarter cow for sale no added hormones No Added Hormones
quarter beef for sale no added antibiotics No Added Antibiotics
1-4 cow for sale usda certified USDA Inspected
quarter cow for sale angus beef 100% American Angus
quarter cow for sale steak 14-21 Days Dry Aged
buy quarter beef guaranteed Satisfaction Guaranteed
buy quarter cow sustainably sourced Sustainably Sourced

Fast Free Shipping

Enjoy fast, free shipping on on your quarter cow order - we only ship on Tuesday morning CST. Orders placed after the weekly cut-off time will be scheduled for shipment on the following Tuesday, ensuring your premium beef arrives at peak freshness.

Handling Instructions

For your safety, we recommend wearing gloves as you unbox and transfer your Quarter cow order into your freezer. Ensure you have sufficient space, estimating one cubic foot per thirty pounds of beef. To fully enjoy the richness of our beef in your favorite dishes, make sure to thaw it beforehand!

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Quarter Cow Bundle For Sale Grass-Fed 100% American Angus
Regular price $650.00
Regular price $850.00 Sale price $650.00
Sale Sold out

Quarter Cow Born, Raised, Processed On The Same Farm


Beef Quality

Indulge in a superior taste experience with our beef, sourced from our farm where animals experience minimal stress, ensuring your maximum health benefits through a purely grass-fed, grain-finished diet without added hormones or antibiotics.



You'll savor the richer flavor of our beef, owing to our unique farm-to-table process - grass-fed, grain-finished, and dry-aged for 14-21 days - ensuring each bite delivers an unparalleled depth of taste.


Storage Life

Enjoy extended storage life with our individually vacuum-packed cuts of beef, ensuring each piece retains its freshness and succulent taste for longer periods.



Experience a faster, more organized way of handling your beef with our clearly labeled cuts, eliminating guesswork and making it effortless to locate the exact cut you need for your meal.

What's Included In a Quarter Steer?

With each quarter cow purchase, you'll receive more than 63 pounds of high-quality beef selections. Perfect for hosting a BBQ with friends or filling your freezer, you can confidently rely on the outstanding quality of each cut.

quarter cow for sale ground beef

Ground Beef w/ Full Muscle Blend

32 lbs.

quarter cow for sale beef patties

Ground Beef, Chuck & Brisket Burger Patties

1/3 lbs. | 15 count

quarter cow for sale tenderloin filet

Filet Mignons

8 oz. | 4 count

quarter cow for sale ribeye steak

Ribeye Steaks

12 oz. | 4 count

quarter cow for sale strip loin steak

New York Strips

12 oz. | 4 count

quarter cow for sale top sirloin steak

Sirloin Steaks

8 oz. | 4 count

quarter cow for sale inside skirt steak

Skirt Steaks

16 oz. | 1 count

quarter cow for sale chuck roast boneless

Chuck Roast

2.5 lbs. | 3 count

quarter cow for sale stew meat

Stew Meat Packs

16 oz. | 4 count

quarter cow for sale tri tip


2 lbs.

box why choose half cow for sale

Buy a Quarter Cow the Smart Way

Previously, acquiring a quarter cow bundle required establishing relationships with the livestock farmer, extensive coordination with a meat processor, and patiently waiting for freezing and delivery. This approach only provided a limited portion of the quarter cow, restricting the variety of beef cuts available. However, with our Half Cow For Sale service, the entire procedure becomes incredibly simple - we handle everything and ensure you receive the finest beef on the market!

  • Step 1 - Place Your Order Online
  • Step 2 - Delivered Packaged, Frozen, Straight to Your Door
  • Step 3 - Enjoy The Quarter Cow

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Common Quarter Cow For Sale Questions

What does "grass-fed, grain-finished" mean?

Our cattle enjoy a life of free-roaming and natural grazing, they feed on grass pastures for the majority of their life. At the end of their life for 2-3 weeks, we introduce our homegrown Non-GMO whole husk grain to their diet. This practice enhances the beef's marbling and amplifies its flavor profile. We do offer a grass-finished option by special request, however, we always recommend our Non-GMO grain finish for flavor.

What is the advantage of 14-21 days dry aging process?

Dry aging enhances the flavor and tenderness of the beef. During this process, the beef's natural enzymes break down the muscle tissue, resulting in a more concentrated, richly flavored beef with superior tenderness.

What cuts will I get with a quarter cow order?

Our quarter cow orders includes a variety of cuts such as steaks, roasts, ground beef, and more. It's a great option if you want to experience the full spectrum of flavors and textures our beef has to offer.

How does your shipping process work?

We offer fast, free shipping and dispatch quarter cow orders every Tuesday morning CST. If you place an order after the weekly cut-off time, it will be scheduled for delivery on the following Tuesday.

What does it mean that your beef is sustainably sourced?

Sustainably sourced means that we follow farming practices that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable. Our cattle are born, raised, and processed on the same farm, reducing animal stress and lowering our carbon footprint.