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For generations, the family behind Hertzog Meat Co. has been at the helm of a leading regional livestock auction, overseeing operations of stocker grass, backgrounding and feeder businesses, and now is offering their product straight to customer's doors via bulk quarter, half, and whole cows.

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Our mission

Delivering America's finest beef, nurturing sustainable farming practices and pioneering exceptional service.

The Story Behind HalfCowForSale.com

A Generational Struggle Against the Packers

The American beef industry is dominated by four influential beef-packing corporations, which has imposed immense challenges on ranchers and family owner packers. We devote ourselves to raising our livestock with care, only to be forced to sell our cattle at unjustly low prices due to the monopolistic control of the market giants.

You are also negatively impacted by the stronghold of these powerful companies. Facing higher prices, limited options, foreign imported beef, and lack of transparency. The influence of these corporations can now be limited; by offering our beef online directly you can save money purchase straight from the source.

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Saving Money & Help Smaller Ranchers

By purchasing in bulk from HalfCowForSale.com you will not enjoy substantial savings, but you can feel good in playing a crucial role in supporting smaller U.S. farmers. Buying half or whole cows, you effectively cut down on costs associated with middle-men distributors, transportation fees, and retail marketing, translating into significant savings. You are directly investing in our U.S based small farms, bolstering local economies and promoting a more sustainable and resilient food system.

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Going the Extra Mile

We're committed to making our top-quality beef accessible and affordable. That's why we're proud to offer free shipping on all bulk beef purchases, ensuring you can fill your freezer without the added delivery costs. Moreover, we understand that investing in a half cow can be significant, so we provide flexible financing options to make your purchase more manageable. But don't wait! With demand for our grass-fed, grain-finished, 100% American Black Angus beef continually growing, prices are set to rise. Secure your bulk beef order now to lock in our current rates and start reaping the benefits of delicious, sustainably raised beef.

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Quality and Sustainability

Quality and suitability go hand in hand at HalfCowForSale.com, where our commitment to providing premium, grass-fed beef ensures a top-notch dining experience while aligning with your health-conscious choices.

grass fed beefPasture raised & grass fed
grocery store beefUSDA inspected products
buy 1-2 cow near meNo added hormones or antibiotics
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Savings and Convenience

Experience savings and convenience with our thoughtfully curated beef products, designed to offer a diverse range of cuts and sizes, delivered straight to your door for a hassle-free and enjoyable cooking journey.

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Commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices

We take great pride in our sourcing practices, as our cattle are born, raised, and processed on our very own farm, reducing stress for the animals and guaranteeing the freshest, most sustainable beef for our customers.

The benefits of cows born raised and processed on the same farm

  • Full knowledge of where your beef cow comes from
  • Lower animal stress when processing with no cattle cars and waiting in processing plants
  • Higher quality feed and quality of animal life
  • Reduced carbon foot print by not having to transfer calves or cows to slaughter
  • Supports American farmers and maintains a local supply chain
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Do You Need Help?

Our dedicated team is always available to provide you with additional assistance and ensure your satisfaction. If you are looking for more information or have questions about our process our team is here to help.

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